The objective is simple: COMMUNICATE. Effectively. Clearly. Creatively.
Make something solid that looks great and not only faithfully manifests the Client's intent, but goes above and beyond expectations. The end result should be a comprehensive, attractive, dynamic piece of visual communication that fullfills and extends beyond the mere fundaments of form and function. A product that both Client and Artist can be proud of.

With a strong rooting in fine arts and an extensive background in editorial and sales related media, there is much creativity and insight being brought to the table here. Largely self-taught in the field of multimedia and web. Picked up a ton of stuff along the way. Perpetually seeking new grounds to tread upon. Always up for a challenge!

I have been working in the creative industry in Canada for over 17 years, my experience spanning all the way from traditional fine arts to digital media, web and interface design. I started out illustrating characters for a popular series of Canadian educational activity books for grade school level children, moved on to creating graphics for internet-based games, dove into web design and multimedia, spent a number of years designing for both the editorial and promotional departments of a popular monthly Canadian entertainment magazine, then moved ahead to become Art Director at a Canadian marketing firm. In the background, since 2004, I have been running my own solo creative studio from home, through which I've had the opportunity to create a number of interactive Flash-based teaching tools and informative presentations for the YMCA and other reputable Canadian organizations. In 2008, I uprooted my life and moved back to her place of birth, Budapest, Hungary, to work independently as a freelancer and to seek new inspiration and new perspective on the other side of the ocean, all the while maintaining connections with my key North American clients on a freelance basis. In 2012, I returned to Toronto for a year and took on a full-time position as Interactive Multimedia Designer at a successful up and coming Canadian digital health agency, INVIVO Communications, where I had the opportunity to upgrade my skills in mobile device interface design, working closely with a fabulous team to create stunning medical apps used in the pharmecutical marketing industry.

After yet one more year abroad in 2013, I returned to settle in Toronto and am continuing, as well as seeking, new work with a special focus on the fine arts and illustration, as well as other miscellaneous digital design work on a freelance or contract basis. I have a very strong work ethic, a fervent and fruitful mind and a pen flowing with ink and always fired up to sketch out whatever is dancing around behind my eyes! With a strong belief that creativity is most fertile when in a communal environment, where ideas and visions can be bounced around and cultivated into much greater entities with the vital input and perspective of everyone involved, I am eager to work together with new and inpirational teams on future projects.